Composer, Musician.

By playing, composing, I tell stories through what music (doesn't) say.


Born as pianist, grown as composer with the mind on the orchestra but the hands on the keyboards of a rock band. I combine the vitality, the comunicativeness, the energy of non-classical genres with the knowledge, the drama, the intimacy of classical music. My goal: to tell the emotions that only music has the power to communicate.

I am a pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Treviso in 1996, graduated with honors in Composition and with honorable mention as Opera Coach at the Conservatory of Padua. I pursue my career as conductor and arranger.

I've been playing with musicians and singers since I was a child, growing a great passion for playing music together. Meanwhile, my father introduced me to rock music, opening my mind to all non-classical genres.

This way, I always took part both to concerts with the Conservatory as pianist and director and gigs and recordings with my bands.

I love to write music inspired by a message, a vision, regardless of them being movie scores or songs. I love to produce music and always push myself further with my songs and pieces.

My compositions are inspired by the music of Debussy, Ravel and all the non-classic music that has always inspired me. Through this encounter I seek a great comunicativeness in music and I always try to leave a mark in the listener.

I play keyboard for Van Gogh Season and produce my tracks as Zeroblizero.

Prizes and Competitions


Arrangements and transcriptions for several ensembles of pieces by J. Williams, C. Young, E. Morricone, N. Piovani, H. Zimmer and other authors